Monday, 11 February 2019

Being Kendall Jenner | InTheStyle

Top - InThestyle / Bag - Topshop / Jeans - Topshop

'Do you feel like Kendall in that top?' I got asked in the kitchen while I was making a cup of tea at work. Quick answer to that question - no. I mean, I wish I did but sadly I don't feel like a super model. I actually didn't realise how neon this top was, getting dressed in the dark at 6.30am isn't the one. However a lot of people complimented me on this top and a lot of people also said I looked fresh and glowing. I think it acts like a clothing version of a buttercup - you know that thing you used to do it primary school. Pick a yellow buttercup flower hold it under someones chin and if it reflects yellow you like butter. I legit thought this was a proper hold up in court fact because hey I DO LIKE BUTTER, HOW DOES IT KNOW?!

Wow, I really went off on a tangent there didn't I! There's something nice about wearing bright colours in the winter when it's so miserable. Also thinking of how great will all this neon trend look with a tan in the summer. 


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