Friday, 23 November 2018

Gift Ideas For Your Mum Under £50 || Christmas 2018

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I LOVE thinking, planning and buying christmas presents for my loved ones. I know it's cliche but I actually prefer giving people present than receiving. I find it quite easy buying presents as I'm always looking online or finding little niche stocking fillers that I think they would love. So here's some mum inspiration this christmas on a budget! Everything is under £50, I think luxury makeup and skincare are good options. My mum has sensitive skin so buying organic and natural skincare like REN is always a good option. Also she always sticks to the same stuff so it's nice to introduce her to some new brands that she might not necessarily buy it for herself. 

Some other great bits I think are always a winner are cardigans and pyjamas because who doesn't want to be cosy in the winter. 


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