Sunday, 25 November 2018

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winter clothing, winter dressing, gap black friday uk, warehouse coat, gumwharf quays gap, winter coats 2018,

Coat - Warehouse / Jumper - ASOS / Skirt - Fabienne Chapot 

I think we have to accept its now officially winter and cold. I've stepped outside a few days in the past week or two not dressed appropriately for those 3 degree mornings.  

I ordered this Warehouse coat for my trip to Germany next week but thinking about it most of the weekend is going to be drinking and going to football matches and I'm not sure a long cream fluffy coat is the right number (just think of the beautiful cream with beer poured all over). As much as that's what my blog content dreams were made of. So I actually picked up a Gap padded parka coat for about £40 - BARGAIN! It was from the outlet in Gumwharf Quays with an extra 50% discount due to Black Friday. Truth be told I forgot how good Gap is, I never tend to shop in there but with their black Friday discount there was so many bargains on classic high quality clothes. Sorry that sounded so ad-like (it's not) I just left the shop shook. Maybe I've finally got to the age where I chose sensible clothing rather than fashion? Probably not but hey little steps. 


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