Sunday, 28 October 2018

(Not) Feeling Myself || PrettyLittleThing

Top - Primark / Skirt - PrettyLittleThing (Sold Out) / Boots - ASOS 

So I'm not going to lie to you, this week I have not been feeling myself (in the words of Nicki Minjai). I'm just finding it very hard to love myself. I've been eating pretty well this week as I'm really desperate to loose some weight to try and feel myself a little bit more. However it's very hard when you're having a bad day and you just want some chocolate and you know if you want that chocolate you should be able to have it! I know it's all about balance but sometimes it's bloody hard work! 

I think something that has got to me is, my boyfriend said I dress kooky sometimes and that made me overthink a LOT. Now I don't want to go and dress basic and like everyone else but I did start to panic that he would prefer me to dress like that. I know I am being silly and he's been with me for two years but also my style has changed a lot in two years. So I feel like I'm a little lost in my style which leads me to feeling like shit all day. Because sometimes there is nothing more empowering than when a kick ass outfit and feeling like you can take on the world (am I right?!). 

So this is basically a big old post about feeling sorry for myself but does anyone else get like that? I feel like once I have a pamper night, do a face mask, put on some face tan, use a hair masque, get my nails done I will feel a little more human and happy again. 

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