Thursday, 4 October 2018

Cheer Up || A Mental Health Check In

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mental health blogger uk, mental health, fashion mental health, levis cheer up, levis denim asos, levis denim

Don't you just love when someone tells you to cheer up? As someone who suffers with her mental health and there is sometimes no literal explanation why I feel like my world is ending and I'm trying to physically hold in the tears and someone's fix it problem is just 'Oh cheer up, it could be worse'. Now obviously things can always be worse and my life traumas aren't even a patch on other people's but actually my mind just likes to think in a certain way and it can be pretty tough to snap out of that. I've decided not to go too deep in the post about my mental health because I might one day get the courage to actually write down all of my crazy thoughts and feelings but I do equally think it's important to break the taboo and have a space on my blog for mental health.

So if and when I can I'm going to try and do mental health themed posts - whether that's from a light touch like self-love posts or a deeper this is what I'm going through sort of thing. I just think it's super important to talk about these topics because I know that people can see your life through something like Instagram and think your life is going swimmingly. I know that I have had some of my best friends commenting something like 'Oh you looked like you had such a good week last week, always doing things etc etc' - in actual fact I was crying everyday and trying to put a brave face on getting through the week because it generally felt like the world was about to end.

I was only talking to a friend last week about this but until you suffer and go through it yourself (or at least know someone close to you that has), I don't think you can ever understand. I can remember thinking oh whatever you can't get out of bed, you're just lazy.... But actually when you go through things like depression and feel that way you suddenly realise and relate. So it can be quite easy to just tell someone to cheer up but actually it's not always that simple.


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