Monday, 13 June 2016

High Street Collective Summer Wishlist || ASOS, Misguided & Boohoo

I felt like I hadn't done a sort of wishlist post for a while and I also feel like I have been on a bit of a shopping hype recently (I am taking this 'TREAT YO SELF' to a whole new level). The weather here in the UK is bat shit crazy and no one know whats happening or what to wear. Bikinis with bombers, winter boots with shorts, summer dresses and waterproofs, every day is festival tbh! I think the highstreet has SO much to offer in terms of summer style right now. I'm all about an off the shoulder, bomber jackets, cute bras and surprisingly colour (who would have ever thunk it)?!

In other news a little update on my life. Um well I lead a pretty boring life so don't get your hopes up here. I do however have the week off (no I'm not going anywhere, sadly) so I am hoping a LOT of new content will be coming your way! However in more WOW news (that sounded sarcastic and for once it's not, promise) I GOT TICKETS FOR COACHELLA. So LA 2017 I am coming for you! Let me know any suggestions on where to go, eat, party, stay - holla in the comments or on any of my social channels!

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