Thursday, 3 March 2016

Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask || REVIEW

Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask, Face mask review, janjira beauty review,
Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask, Face mask review, janjira beauty review,

This product is really not what I was expecting and have never used a product like it before! Saying all of that I think it is fab! If you've seen a couple of my previous posts in the last few months you might have seen my slight obsession with skincare and mostly face masks at that! I can be quite fickle with my skincare routine: I'll get really into using the same products, morning and night and then after a couple of weeks (and some lazy vibes or late nights) I'll sort of be over it. So one of my resolutions was to really stick at it and care more about skincare and discover lots more exciting products! 

This Janjira mask is actually exciting - now you probably think Jade, what are you on about? How exciting can a simple face mask product be? Well let me tell you this stuff bubbles up on your face - not in a ouchy acid sort of way. I mean a bubble, I look like Father Christmas - but ALL over my face sort of way. So initially when you squirt (soz about the word choice there) it out it's like any other sort of mask - creamy sort of texture that you lather onto your face. Then you pretty much sit back, relax and let the magic happen. Within about 5 mins it starts to bubble up (I very much recommend checking yourself out in the tap or something because it's a sight not to be missed). For a weird reason it actually made me happy, I think because it was unexpected but also a little bit silly - which was fab. 

After laughing and rinsing it off, my face felt squeaky clean. It's sort of like a face mask and a cleanser together because your skin feels super refreshed and clean. I think because it's a lighter consistency then other face masks it doesn't feel like it has to take forever to work (like hello I don't have 40 minutes to sit there waiting for it to dry). 

I think because it does really clean your skin, your face automatically looks a lot brighter. The bottle is only small but fairly wide and you only use a few pumps at a time so it should last for a while. I would say that sometimes I would chose a thicker mask like an Origins Out of Trouble if my skin really needed some TLC as it was breaking out and looked a bit rubbish. Just because sometimes you need a more heavy duty product. So I tend to use this Janjira one more for in between days and just when I want to pamper myself but with a quick something something. I'm so glad I got to try this product and a new brand too!

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