Thursday, 5 November 2015


L'oreal Drugstore Face Haul

L'oreal Drugstore Face Haul

L'oreal Drugstore Face Haul

L'oreal Drugstore Face Haul

L'oreal Drugstore Face Haul

A quick pop into Boots turned into a HAUGE haul. You know those sort of trips when you go in for a new toothbrush and a bottle of dry hair shampoo. However come out with the whole colour spectrum of Barry M and about 3 extra products you didn't need. But the 3 for 2 deal practically saves you money (it really doesn't though, does it Jade?) 

Yeah so I had one of those trips - but hey at least I can blog about it. Am I right? Please say I'm right? I also had some extra points vouchers so I can justify that one surely? So yes I was looking to pick up a new in between foundation (nearly at the end of my not so budget friendly one but it's not payday yet sort of in between). I had previously used the matte infallible one (which is a snip at £7.99) and I adore it! So this time round I thought I would go for its slightly more expensive friend - infallible. I like the fact this is in an actual bottle with a pump. However my first impression was not that wonderful. I found it just didn't sit on my face correctly when I first started to apply, it took some extra time to really blend it in. Which is really not what you need at half 6 in the morning! 

However using it since, it doesn't seem as difficult to blend. But I think I prefer the matte infallible foundation still. I did however think this one was still pretty matte when I first put it one, which was great. However during the day I could just feel my face getting more oily. Obviously this isn't just down to the foundation - I just tend to get oily skin during the day but I felt like it just didn't slow down the process, which meant lots of toilet breaks to get my blotting on. 

Going onto the True Match Magique concealer - WHY HAVE I ONLY JUST DISCOVERED THIS?! This really reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked concealer - it has that same sort of brightness effect. What I really like about this is the thickness of it. Normally I tend to find these sort of concealer sticks to be a bit thin on the old coverage side. So I think this is great at all of your covering and brightening needs. I've used it on my under eyes and even during contouring. 

Lastly is the True Match powder - I have a love/ hate relationship with powders. I mean I love the fact they set your makeup and give you some matteness (especially to my old shiny 1pm face). However I find when I apply powders sometimes it makes my foundation go a little weird and all of my make up doesn't sit on my face well. It's sort of hard to explain but it put me off powder for a while. (Anybody else have this problem? No just little old me?). But I actually really liked this. I am a little more wary about powder nowadays so I only lightly dab it on the areas I know will get shiny during the day (so nose, chin & forehead). But I like the lightness of the true match and it actually does work at making my face more matte which is a bonus!  

So to sum it up I think L'oreal are doing some amazing budget friendly makeup right now!
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