Monday, 21 September 2015


LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer
LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer
LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer

I have seen these little concealers used a lot in Youtube make up tutorials - so I thought it was about time I tried some out. They are from the American brand LA Girl; which I don't think is stocked over here in the UK. So this is when good old Ebay and Amazon come in handy. They were pretty cheap so I decided to get 4 and see what the hype was about.

I got a red one to use under my eyes as it gets rid of any darkness - I like using this bit I find that my under eyes don't look as bright if I'm trying to contour. But it's a great little tool to use if you quickly want to put it under some concealer to get rid of your darkness

I also got the green coloured tube to get rid of redness of any problem areas - I really love this. You can really use any product that is green coloured to correct the redness but I love the size and brush of this particular LA girl one.

I also got the lightest shade I could find as I read the colours can come up a little darker. I like the thick consistency of the concealer and the Porcelain shade it great at a brightening the areas of skin you want to highlight. I then got the darker shade in beautiful bronze just as a quick cream contour tool. Because the all have little brushes at the end it is easy to draw on lines of contour and then with a separate brush (I like to use the Zoeva Face Paint brush ) blend them in.

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