Wednesday, 9 September 2015


I was lucky enough to receive these popular Doll White goodies in the post a couple of weeks back and I couldn't be more excited. I am not a fan of my teeth in general (Why on earth didn't I get braces in year 8?!) so I was down to try a quick and easy way to brighten them up. I got the 7 day pack and even though it's only a short amount of time I could really notice the difference!

So in your pack you get little individual packets for each day - with two sort of rubber gel strips for the top and bottom rows of your teeth. One strip is longer for the top of your teeth and the bottom is smaller. They are really simple to use and you basically just pop them over the top of your teeth and bam. You are recommended to leave them on for 30 mins each day. I did mine in the evening as it was an easier way to fit into my daily routine. After the half an hour, they are a little bit messy to take off as the gel starts to melt a little.  But a quick rinse and your teeth feel so clean and shiny. I am glad they are disposable strips rather than something you have to wash each day - it's a lot quicker and a lot less hassle!

I think thats one thing I was really happy about was how good my teeth felt! So many of these products have so many chemicals and things in; your teeth really don't feel healthy after. I have used a couple of teeth whitening sort of products before (You can see a previous post here) and I would say by far, Doll White strips have been the easiest to use and most effective.

So I really enjoyed using these strips - if you are unsure I really recommend you getting the 7 day one so you can test them out and see the difference it makes!

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