Sunday, 12 July 2015


This face cleansing brush from Braun has CHANGED my life. Okay maybe not as dramatic as that but it has completely changed my skincare routine and upkeep. I have been using the Braun 810 brush for around 2 weeks now and it's now integral in my daily routine.

The Braun 810 comes with a simple epilator head for small and pesky hairs - so is great to get those annoying eyebrow hairs you can only see in certain lights!! There is a little pinch when using the epilator but is not too dissimilar to a pair of tweezers. Just make sure you stretch the skin out on the area you want to epilate.

Then it also comes with the face cleanser brush which is recommended to be used twice a day. I tend to only use it once but I still feel like my face is so much softer and clearer. You really have the feeling of have clean skin as the brush motion gets into your pores and unclogs. I use it with various Neutrogena face washes and I have used it with a charcoal mask a couple of times to really bring out the impurities. You have to re purchase the face brushes as they get worn but I think they last up to 2 months so depending how much you use the brush.

I have seen various prices of this brush around the internet with the higher ones being up to £70 but I personally think Amazon have the best prices on products and gadgets like this one - So I managed to get mine for around £40. Has anyone else tried this brush or similar brushes?

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