Monday, 8 June 2015


I bought this Pearl Drops serum on a little whim - I have been trying to make my teeth less sensitive and using different toothpaste etc. So I got the little tube as well as it was pretty inexpensive compared to some other similar products on the shelf. This serum is meant to be used at night before bed, I use a pea size amount and rub it all over my teeth and gums. It is a little hard to spread it out equally but it can last a long time as you don't use a lot. I have been using this daily for about a 3 weeks now and I do feel like my teeth are a little brighter but I haven't noticed a huge difference in protection of my gums. However you can't really go wrong with the price tag! So let's hope it's actually working and keeping my teeth healthy! 

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  1. Fluoride can even reverse early signs of tooth decay such as weak spots in your tooth enamel or exposed roots that could eventually become cavities, reducing the need for fillings.


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