Sunday, 28 June 2015


These are my flight essentials I tend to take with me to survive the journey! I used to really dislike wearing backpacks but I think now they are so handy and love wearing them! So my Chanel backpack is ideal for a flight because its not too big but can fit the essentials you need! Since buying my MacBook Pro, I tend to take it everywhere with me so travelling is no exception. It's great if you have essays to write or photos to edit - you can get some things done while at the airport or plane.

Activities wise; I take a book {I am currently reading YES 50 Secrets From The Science of Persuasion}, earphones and a notebook to keep me occupied.

Beauty Wise; I don't tend to bring much with me in my carry on due to all of the restrictions and things. So I will always carry a lip balm, I am currently using the Burts Bees Wax chapstick and maybe some powder in case of some unwanted shine during the journey.

I like to bring a jumper with me as swell because either leaving the UK or coming back is always going to be a bit chilly. So my Stussy sweater is ideal and legit the MOST comfy thing I own.

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