Friday, 29 May 2015


Whimsical & Ohh La La - Topshop

I haven't bought make up from Topshop for a good few years - not for any particular reason, I just forget about them! However I was very excited for there 5 Years of Beauty range as all of their packaging was rose gold! So I picked up the colour Ohh La La - a sort of pinky orange from this range. Plus one from their normal range in the shade Whimsical which is a beautiful light coral colour (psst it looks AMAZE with a tan!). Both colours are similar shades on but Ohh La La being a little more coral and brighter looking.

After picking these up, I forgot how much I LOVED Topshop shades! I have been wearing the Whimsical shade for the last week or so and I think it is the ultimate summer shade! I do find with this colour in particular you have to build it up as it's not that pigmented. However I think it's good that they kept their rose gold packaged items the same prices of their normal products! I really recommend you check out their beauty stand ASAP!

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  1. I have the shade Ohh la la and it's such a beautiful colour! Shame mine isn't in the rose gold packaging that's absolutely stunning :)

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