Friday, 1 May 2015


Foundation products are hard one's to get right and find the perfect one for you. But after finally caving into the hype of getting MAKE UP FOR-EVER's HD foundation; I think I have found it. It isn't easy getting your hands on this product as far as I know they don't currently sell in the UK (however I did hear they were going to start to stock the brand in House of Fraser branches?!). I managed to pop it on my Dad's shopping list when he went to Vegas the other month. 

I went with the second lightest shade which was Pink Porcelain 110 and it is perfect for my skin tone. It is quite a runny mixture but builds up well. I think the thing I love about this particular product is it goes on well and is light, so it doesn't feel like you've caked a load of make up on. The coverage isn't really heavy but I just tend to mix it with thicker foundation (normally Bourjois healthy mix foundation) on days I have bad breakouts. I don't necessarily think there is anything 'HD' about the foundation but I do think it helps with a more flawless looking face, when applied and blended well. 

I just hope my Dad is planning another trip soon; to get me another bottle!

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