Monday, 23 February 2015

Jadie's Back Back Again & New Youtube || Personal

Yo! Blimey I haven't blogged for months and months now and truth be told I was planning to delete this blog as I just wasn't feeling the scene anymore. Everyone and anyone seems to have a blog now - which obviously is very exciting to see beauty recommendations and style inspirations (I ALWAYS read blogger reviews before buying beauty products now!). And I don't know, I just felt like there is always going to be someone who has a better layout or higher quality photos so why bother.

BUT more recently I have really been absorbed back into the 'blogging world' with starting a Youtube channel and yeah there will more than likely be someone who does things better than you (well who you think does anyway!) but if you enjoy doing it why the hell not! And I have really enjoyed making some quick little youtube videos and thought why the hell not start blogging again and become passionate about it like when I first began a few years back.

So yeah if anyone is reading this - I hope you are happy that I'm going to get back on the hype, just be gentle with me! Check out my new youtube channel below! See ya around you beauties!



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