Thursday, 12 June 2014

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I should have gotten outfit photos really - but it was such a busy and muddy day that was the last thing on my mind! Some photos look really edited but I think it just where I have taken them from my Iphone! Here are a few outfit deets if you are interested:
Urban Outfitters - Stussy Jumper (SOLD OUT)
Primark - Lace Kimono 

Boo hoo hoo. Parklife has ended, meaning my whole student experience has also come to an end. Yes I have finished my 3 years at The University of Manchester and now it is time to do all of the graduation marlack and enter the real world. However last weekend was my final student blowout at Parklife festival in Manchester and it didn't fail to disappoint.

Parklife is one of those festivals where you just have to go with the flow, you never get to see the people you want but somehow you still have the sickest time. I mean I missed Route 94, T Williams and Danny Brown this year but it was still the best. Waking up to a grey and wet scene on Saturday morning (with a hangover) wasn't quite the motivation I needed to get out of bed. But hey I put on my wellies, grabbed my Stussy Jumper and started pre drinking. I love Parklife because I tend to go with all of my home gals, so after nearly 6 months it was nice to be reunited with them at the tram station! Saturday turned out to be pretty stressful due to the copious amounts of mud, change of stages and losing people constantly. However Sunday made up for all of that and was THE sickest. I managed to get my friends to see Pusha T - reppin' that G.O.O.D music. Finally managed to see Skream live and he is such a dream! The surprise of the weekend was how good DJ EZ, his set went off! We spent most of the day at The WHP stage so we were diggin' those house vibes with Jamie Jones & Seth Troxler. As well as seeing Disclosure who I think got the biggest crowd over the weekend but they are just sick, aren't they?

Anyway if you've never been to Parklife you NEED to go! This year there was definitely a LOT more people and it is only going to get bigger!

P.S. I'm trying to get back on the blog hype now - so watch this space. Also check out my temp shop site

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