Sunday, 29 June 2014

Fest Vibin & Life Updates || STYLING

Fest Vibin

Fest Vibin by jadie045735 featuring Rag & Bone

Yes, yes I know I have been very quiet on the blog and business front and I don't really have any excuses apart from full time work is making me super tired and uninspired. However this also means I am getting paid and buying things (I probably shouldn't) which in turn I can blog about YAY! Life has been pretty cray cray with moving back home and things! I also got my results and I only went and got a BLOODY 2:1 from The University of Manchester in Management and Marketing of Fashion Textiles. It's also my 21st and graduation in two weeks so thats another scary milestone. I also had the sickest time at my best buds 21st the other week - might do a cheeky post on that because it was so spectacular! So yeah that's about it really. 

In other news I am a little - no a LOT obsessed with all of these boho vibes going on. I really really want a pair of Novella Royale trousers but I can't justify that much money! Don't forgot to check out my new site - lots of additions are being added and hopefully a uber vibey photoshoot with my bestie - the young eccentric, will be taking place VERY SOON. Check it out
Jade x

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