Friday, 11 April 2014

Tis The Season .... for FESTIVALS || #destinationunknown

Festivals. I don't even know where to start to express how much I love that word. You see for me festivals are pretty much the best thing in life (well expect from tea but ya' know tea is GREAT). My whole year seems to be filled with thinking about festivals, looking at festivals, attending get the idea. From pre registering, the agony of not getting tickets (Glastonbury why are you so difficult?), working out how I am going to afford it and obviously most importantly, what the hell am I going to wear? Truth be told I spend a large amount of the Summer being quite bitter that I'm not some super cool DJ who gets to attend EVERY bleeding festival (looking at you Grimmy). HOWEVER I know one day when I'm not in my student overdraft and have unlimited resources to my disposable I will spend one whole summer floating from campsite to campsite and ticking off dozens of festivals off my bucket list. I will start at Coachella and end up at Bestival in a drunken haze throughout those months. But remembering it all with polaroids, dope memories, new friends and glitter in my hair.

This is my entry for the BANK FASHION #destinationunknown competition as it just seems so God damn dreamy! I have put together some of my key // wish festival wardrobe items and then a MAJOR VIBES playlist to get you buzzing for the summer, festival filled or not!

I shall now get back to my dissertation and continue to be super bitter. BANK has some cracking goodies on there site at the moment, so check it!

Jade x

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  1. omg these items are so cute! i love the pink jacket and the denim shorts especially

  2. Thank you lovely! I know that jacket is so dope, shame it is uber expensive! <3

  3. Great item!!! thanks to share with us!!!
    I am so interested.


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