Monday, 7 April 2014

Marbling Nails || BEAUTY

I was unsure about doing a post on this because I had done a similar marbling post when I first created my blog, but I thought this design was too cute not to share! It is a simple and easy way to jazz up your nails. I decided to go with cool pastels using various polishes I had in my basket including : Barry M Gelly :Prickly Pear & Mint Green, French Connection Deep Purple and Topshop's Unicorn shades. 

Find a pot or any type of container (that you don't mind getting a little messy!) and fill with water. Then all you have to do is to pour a few drops of the different coloured nail varnishes into the pot and swirl round to make your desired pattern. This is the part I enjoy the most and I get way too into making loads of cool patterns! I used fake nails for this look so I just popped my nails in the pot, allowed the pattern to soak onto the nail and then let them dry. If you are doing it straight onto your real nails, if you pop some lip balm around your nail it should stop the varnish getting onto your skin! You can repeat as many times to create some awesome patterns! 

To finish off my nails I used Primark's Matte Top Coat to create a smooth effect. As soon as I bought this matte polish I knew I would love it and I really really do, it is definitely worth a purchase! It's as simple as that, just get ready for all the compliments!! 

Jade x
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