Sunday, 2 March 2014


This shop. God, this shop. Considering I'm in love with pretty much 99% of the stock (and they follow me on twitter wooooo!) I thought Shop Jeen deserved a blog post! I ridiculously admire the founder Erin who is only 22 and crazy ambitious! I also have serious wardrobe envy looking at her instagram (think Supreme, Nike & Celine). Shop Jeen have about a zillion Instagram followers and stock brands such as O-Mighty, Huf and Odd Future merch! 

I've put together some of my top picks and came up with this dreamy shopping basket! I think those 'Oh Shit' leggings would be the perfect lazy/ hungover day wear! The Huf x Wu Tang socks are so sick, that collab is awesome! I am so obsessed with that OF bandana, I just think it is dope! I love pretty much all of OF merch, but I see too many people wearing it, so this bandana is perfect to rep them but not be in your face and all hypebeast about it. That Homer top tho! That has been in my shopping basket since last year on O-Mighty! Last but not least the google eyes kit, because why bloody not? 

Check out the site here at SHOPJEEN and definitely give them a follow on Instagram because you will fall in love with everythangggg! Tell me what your lusting over in the comments below or via Twitter @nowherefastblog

Jade x

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