Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My Flash Trash || LFWEnd

Last week I blogged about my experience at London Fashion Weekend (with a press pass wooo!) and I mentioned I wanted to follow up on the post with 2 features on the brands that I really loved. So the first one was the jewellery brand Cadenzza, and today I'm sharing another jewellery brand called My Flash Trash.

If you haven't heard of this brand, my oh my, you are missing some creative beauties! The founder is Amber Atherton (ya know the one off of Made In Chelsea fame) and she is so bloody cool! So My Flash Trash is obviously bound to follow in her cool footsteps! I have seen some of the MFT items floating around on blogs and magazine features but had never seen the products in person. After seeing the display with the lovely and helpful girls working there, I now want to own EVERYTHANG! The cute tarot necklaces, armour rings and my personal favourite the FUNKYOFFISH collection, ohmygoodgod it is so dope (FUNKYOFFISH is ma lyyffeee, check the Instagram!).

This blog post is pretty good timing as well as they have just launched a new website, so be sure to go and check that out at http://www.myflashtrash.com/. You also need to follow them on Instagram to lust over all the stock! What My Flash Trash items are you lusting over?

Jade x


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