Monday, 10 March 2014

I'mma do me, I'mma make it mine

Top - Palace Skateboards
Skirt - Marks & Spencer (Similar
Sandals - New Look

I got all creative on this post, well I learnt how to make gifs on Photoshop in the early hours of the morning one day! I have been really inspired by some of Style2bones sick edits so I thought I would try and jazz up my OOTD a bit! Considering I self taught myself Photoshop I think it turned out alright and I can't wait to add some into my dissertation magazine project!

This Palace shirt is one of my absolute fav's! I wish it was a bit more worn though as I always feel like it doesn't sit right (probably because it is a Men's shirt!). Oh and don't ask about the pigtails, I tried to go all Lily Allen (Air Ballon music video) and I realised if you are over 10 (or not a popstar), this look probably shouldn't be done! These sandals are so cute as well, New Look really have their shoe department going on at the moment! ASOS have a great selection of the best styles, so check that out!

Jade x

*Title from Yung Lean's - Kyoto track! <3 Sadboys2001*

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