Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Bunch Of Carrots || Lush Cosmetics

Hello, hello hello! Sorry about being MIA for the last couple of weeks, I am finding Uni such a struggle with it's drama and deadlines! Also welcome to the brand new site, well not brand new but I have changed the name from Nowhere Fast to Jade Alice (so don't be confused!). I think Jade Alice is just a bit more personal and I just generally prefer it! I have pretty much changed over all of the social media accounts, links down below if you want to give me a cheeky follow! Just working on new graphics and banners so watch this space!!

Now back to the actual blog post! Getting my Easter vibes on with some help from Lush Cosmetics! I had seen these carrot bubble bars on some blogs and youtube hauls and I knew they were too cute to resist! Firstly they smell bloody lovely! You purchase them in a bunch of three for £5.95 which is good value when they last quite a while. When using my first one I broke it up and just putting it in the bath, not realising I could just swirl it about! I was surprised how many bubbles it created and it didn't make my bath as orange as I thought! Towards the end of my bath it did look a little like when all your fake tan comes off, but you come out smelling super! I also repurchased the Rose Queen bath ballistic because I really loved it when I had one at Christmas. It smells super sweet and the best thing about it is you get to have a pink bath! My next Lush Purchase is going to be the Golden Egg, as I really want a gold glittery bath!

Jade x


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