Friday, 28 February 2014

Primark || Fashion Nails Review

For me I take pride in having fancy and interesting nails (even though truth be told it is also a form of procrastination!).I have a LOT of black going on in my wardrobe because well because black is bloody awesome. So having cool nails for me, kind of brightens up my outfit (and let's people know I'm not trying to go for the goth vibe, hopefully!). At a recent party my friends admired my nails but muttered 'Oh I don't have time to make my nails look that nice', which I disagreed with, because as students I know all of our procrastination levels are through the roof!

I tend to do my nails while catching up with an episode of Girls or something, as I don't really like sitting completely still do nothing. Like I said it all snazzes up a simple outfit and makes it look like you're making a big effort, when in actual fact it was just something to do while watching tv (do people even say 'snazzes', apart from my nan? Sorry about that!).

Anyway getting on with talking about these beauties from Primark. I saw a lot of bloggers posting photos of Primarks fashion nails on Instagram, so I thought I would pick up a few when heading into the Manchester store. My automatic reaction was to buy about 8 different packs of various striped and glittery designs (I am a magpie in disguise, you should see my in Hobbycraft! My mum gives me a time limit, no I'm not joking, but I digress). However I opted with these metallic silver ones, as I have had foil versions in my basket on ebay for about a year! Also these cute little cats ones, because well cats, duh!

I have to say due to loving the designs already I was pretty happy about my purchases. The glue that comes with the nails isn't great, which I expected, so I used Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue which is my ultimate favourite! The nails are also quite thin and light, which I couldn't decide if that was a good or bad thing, but I did have a couple of occasions where one would fling off, so maybe a bad thing! Another thing about the nails are the sizes as even though there are 24 nails, you could probably only have one whole set due to sizing. But that is too be expected so they fit everybody! The silver designs have a tendency to get a little scratched but they still look fab! I am currently wearing the polka dot/ cat patterned nails and I LOVE them, they are just the cutest thing ever!

I also purchased this Nail Gem Wheel full of studs and sparkles on a bit of a whim but it is pretty cool! The wheel has a great variety of gems all with a silver/black/gold colour theme. They are simple to apply to the nail when it is still wet with a pair of tweezers. I tried to put them on top of my false ones so they didn't stay on that long but if you apply them to a top coat of polish they should be fine (and again for a pound why not add some sparkles to your nails)!

Despite those couple of negatives, for a bloody pound they are simply brilliant! They made me want to change my nails daily just so I could show off another design! I will definitely be back in primark buying those other 6 boxes I put down!

Jade x


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