Sunday, 9 February 2014

My First Mac Palette

I finally have my hands on my first Mac palette and haven't stopped using it! I have seen these about for years and raved about by various bloggers, celebs and friends! I like the idea of collecting different shades and completing the 15 gaps and I'm already 4 down!

After lots of research and watching copious amounts of Tanya Burr's videos I decided on these 4 neutral tones to start off my collection. The one shade I knew I needed to have, is the white shimmery colour in 'Nylon'. It is literally the best shade for opening up the eye and making it brighter! I tend to use it under the arch of my eyebrow most days. So I more then recommend the Nylon shade for your palette! Next is the brown/ purple type shade titled 'Satin Taupe', I chose this on beauty blogger Tanya Burr's recommendation but haven't really used it that much yet. I wore it on a night out to contour the creases of my eyes, but I don't think I will use this shade that much.

Like the Nylon shadow, I use this matte brown 'Charcoal Brown' shade to define my eyebrows. I have started to use this shade quite a lot and now prefer it to an eyebrow pencil! I just need to invest in a proper eyebrow slanted brush now! Lastly is this 'Smut' shade, I was swayed by this because I heard Kate Moss wears it! Its a dark and sparkly shadow which is great for a darker eye for a night out!

I can't wait to start collecting more shades for my palette but I think I am going to need a bigger make up bag to carry this around (the only downside to the infamous palette!). But you can get smaller palette's if you wanted.

Have you got your hands on this palette, and what other shades do you recommend? 
Jade x

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