Monday, 17 February 2014

Inspiration || Life Updates

I mostly use my Tumblr page for my inspiration and trend updates, but I thought I would share some of my favourite images from the last week. Mostly I have been loving anything pastel, fluffy, and sick ass nail art (I need some super long nails like those alien ones in my life!).

SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE: I have also created a new Instagram and Twitter account, so they are blog specific. I thought it would be a better way to express myself and without boring my friends (it might also give me the confidence to post selfies and outfit posts *SO WATCH THIS SPACE!*), started to follow me on insta, so what you waiting for? 

Instagram: @noweherefastblog
Twitter: @nowherefastblog

LIFE : On Thursday last week I featured on my first ever radio show, as I joined a fellow member of Recognise The Movement  and started the new season of the RTM show, and it was so sick! So make sure you are listening on a Thursday evening at RTM are also nearly at 3,000 followers on Twitter, so that's VERY exciting. This week I am back down south at home, trying to get some uni work done without distractions! Then on to London for some wavey times for my best buds 21st birthday! 


Jade x

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