Friday, 14 February 2014

February Wishlist || 2014

Another month, another wishlist! Bloody hell how are we nearly half way through the second month of 2014 already? I am still obsessed with pastels this month, but as usual my wardrobe is pretty much full of black and grey. I can slowly feel my university coursework building up on me, so the next few months are going to be MEGA fun! However I am in London next weekend for my best buds 21st birthday so I can't wait to see her! This week has also been an exciting week for Recognise The Movement (the Hip-Hop music blog I work on) with the return of the radio show! So make sure to check that out on Thursday evenings from 8-9pm UK time at

I think this hoodie is sold out on now, but a few different colour ways are floating about on the internet. The croc effect is just so dope! This month I just need to get my hands on any black Stussy hoodie!! I came across this sick US website called Motivation when searching for this hoodie, and they have a lot of Stussy, Huf & Thrasher for really good prices, so check it out!

Oh what a surprise another pair of trainers on this months wishlist! I've been pretty content with both of my pairs of Air Max's for a while but it would be great to have a dark pair so they don't constantly look as dirty as my white ones. I have a list of about 50 Air Max's on my wishlist, especially those new camo drops but these black suede ones are February's choice.

I know this fluffy jumper trend has been around for a while, but it has take me a while to decide if I liked them! I tried a similar Miss Guided pastel blue cropped one the other day and fell in love with how soft it was! This Topshop is also in the sale, so go and grab it while you can!

Let me know what you're lusting over this month! Tweet me @Jade_Lambourne, comment on the post or email me at!

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