Sunday, 26 January 2014

Urban Decay Lovin'

So I decided to do more beauty reviews this year, so here goes another one! This time I have these little Urban Decay beauties. Mostly what I love about these, are that they are just so sparkly! I think my favourite eyeshadow would have to be the 'Space Cowboy' shade, which is a neutral brown/peach type shade. It is a great way to jazz up an everyday look or I like to put it over a dark matte shade on evenings out. The other shade I acquired was the 'Stargazer', which is a light green shade. Even though it doesn't look that green when it is on, which I don't mind as I am not a green shade lover! I don't tend to go that heavy on these little pots because they are very shimmery and have had trouble with my whole face being covered in the stuff!

  Urban Decay eyeshadows in Space Cowboy and Stargazer £14 each 

Like all Urban Decay goodies, the packaging is beautifully logoed and presented, even though I am not a fan of the plastic-ness of the container (but at least it makes it lighter in my make up bag!). I only managed to swab one due to being really silly and leaving the other one at home while I'm at Uni! At £14 a pot they are rather pricey but I think the Space Cowboy shade is a great investment because you can wear it a lot (which I sure do!).

Anyway my plan for today was to venture into town to buy some scrapbooks but looking outside my window and seeing what Manchester's weather is offering me I think I may rethink that plan! Looks like I will be applying for jobs and re watching Breaking Bad. Enjoy your Sunday!

Jade x


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