Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pretty Pastel Wishlist - January

How lust worthy do all of these items look? It was only towards the end of creating this, that I realised I may have a little pastel obsession! But oh well these colours are great for the spring and will be a warm welcome to my black themed wardrobe. Unfortunately due to paying a eye watering rent installment this month, looks like there will be no wishlist treats for me!

(1.) I have wanted a polaroid forever and since I found out about these sick Instax mini's I can't stop thinking about how much I want one (especially for the summer!). Just look at the amazing pastel colours it comes in too! I thought this particular website is offering a bargain as Urban Outfitters sell them for £90!
(2.) I've had my eye on a Yeezus tee since the start of his tour, because we all know how much I love the Yeezy and I can't bloody wait for the tour to arrive in the UK (whenever that will be!). I saw a photo of Kylie Jenner wearing this top and I loved the wait it looked, it's not like a normal t-shirt which is quite hard to style (without looking like a boy!).
(4.) You may think, fishnet socks what on earth are you thinking?! But pair them with a pair of Air Max's and they look dope!
(5.) I always have various wristbands and bracelets on my wrist but day to day I never really wear necklaces anymore, so I have been looking at some cool coin type necklaces to wear on a daily basis, found this vintage one on ebay!
(6.) If you follow me on twitter, you will know that the prices of Supreme hoodies depress me highly!
(9/10.) Yeah okay I admit it, I have a trainer problem! As soon as I get a pair of trainers, I am straight on the internet and looking for a cooler pair (help me!). Air Max's are a definite weakness of mine, (already own two pairs) but these premium ones are such beauties! Check out the Small Feet Big Kicks website though, they have some sick styles and great offers! Also those pastel lilac classic Reeboks though!

Anyway that's all from me, I'm off to cram some last minute revision for Thursday's and Friday's exams (arrrggggggghhhhhh)!

Jade x


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