Saturday, 16 November 2013


Welcome to the upgraded 'In the Mix' feature, I say upgraded, I just mean I have learnt to embed things from Soundcloud! Going to two Warehouse Project's this month has really influenced my house music vibes recently! If you want to check out the latest offerings from Hip-Hop, don't forget to check out Recognise the Movement! 

#1 COMMON (KAYTRANDA MIX) - I WANT YOU A remix of a common classic, it's going in!

#2 ROUTE 94 - FABRIC LIVE MIX Literally love Route 94 so much, and this mix is sick! Why I still haven't been to fabric is beyond me! Check out their soundcloud page, some series tunes!

#3 BEEN TRILL - PARIS ARMY Since listening to their mixtape collection a silly amount of times this is a sick quick mix, with my new fav Danny seth!

#4 THE NINETYS - SLIDE OUT Came across this guy a couple of weeks back and I really like his style! He has a remix of Cyril Hahn's, Perfect Form coming out next week!

#5 ISAIAH RASHAD FT SZA - RONNIE DRAKE Not going to lie I am a sucker for anything TDE and this track does not disappoint!

#6 VIC MENSA FT ELIZA DOOLITTLE- YNSP His whole Innatape is dope, but defo check out the visuals for this, it may just be the trippest thing I've ever watched (even more than Danny Brown!)

And oh my good God, did you see Ye come on stage at the OF carnival, arrgggghhhh! Tyler and Kanye <3

Pre registration for Hideout festival (Croatia) and Parklife (Manchester, UK) has gone live, so what are you waiting for get on it!

Jade x

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