Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Okay so firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of posts recently but third year sucks! I already have four pieces of coursework and deadlines are ALREADY approaching! I have also been posting over on RTM blog, so check that out!

Anyway I am so glad winter has come so I can wear jumpers and lots of black! My wishlist this month is kind of tailored around some of the items I want to wear to the Warehouse Project next month! The WHP is basically a night in Manchester in a huge warehouse where you can party all night with amazing people playing! So I can't wait till November as I am going twice #buzzing!

Nike Thea Trainers £82 //Topshop Leather Skirt £95 // Neil Barrett Jumper £810 // Palace Skate Tee £32 // Huf Socks £12 // Baseball Top £42 // Nail Bangle £5.49  // Bum Bag £6.45 

I am completely obsessed with everything Neil Barrett, definitely my new favourite! Obviously this is the WISH part of this list, but all his jumpers would be so perfect for the cold North! Even though I have just bought another pair of Air Max's, I really want a pair of Thea's and Roshe's! I also still have those Palace X Reeboks on my mind! Could literally spend about a grand on all the trainers on my wishlist right now! With all these cool trainers you NEED cool socks and I am on such a hype about collecting all the Huf colour ways! I would also like some Odd Future ones too! I've wanted a baseball top for a while now, but I still cant find the exact one I want, so this is the closest White Sox one I can find! Okay I really don't want a bum bag but I think it's the only option for WHP! 


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