Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A while back I covered the Bacardi Beginnings collab with Toddla T & Roses Gabor where the track 'Pandora's Box' was solely released through social media. Well the competition that ran alongside this sick concept allowed you to remix the track and have a chance to win a masterclass with the main man himself, Toddla.

The winner has now be announced as Barny Rubble from Gloucestershire  who put an innovative spin on the track. It is a dope remix so have a listen and check out his soundcloud page below:  


Barny Rubble a.k.a Barny Wilson said, "I think it's really positive that Bacardi is acknowledging new talent and emerging artists because it’s giving opportunities to people like me that wouldn't otherwise be there. The artists involved with the previous projects are all making exciting new music and pushing musical. Buzzing to be involved!”

Check out more info over at Bacardi Beginnings!I can't wait for project 3 to begin, so stay locked!


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