Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pink Fizz

So as I have previously talked about nail art and my obsession of buying copious amounts of different coloured nail varnishes, here is another post about my recent purchases! This time however I finally gave in a treated myself to some Models Own bottles. I'm not really sure why it has taken me so long to finally own this brand because they have been raved about my many a beauty blogger. But for some reason I always found myself picking them up and putting them down again before I got to the checkout in Boots. I am SO glad I did buy a couple of Models Own colours though because they are FAB! The colour is actually the colour you see, as opposed to being disappointed that it isn't as bright when you paint your nails like with some brands. 

I chose a nude colour in shade 075 'Nude Beige' and a glitter one entitled 009 'Pink Fizz'. I've wanted a nude colour for a while(I want to use it for a nail art piece for fashion week, so keep a lookout for upcoming posts!) and I surprisingly found it near impossible to find one! The Pink Fizz shade is lovely, and it goes on so well. You could probably just do one coat of this and it would still look really sparkly, which is great! As I normally find I have to do at least 3 coats of a glitter polish to make it look decent. The only down side to this nail varnish, is even with one coat it takes quite a while to dry!

I also picked up another Barry M Gelly polish in 334 'Dragon' as the Gelly range is AMAZING! (Check my previous post)!


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