Wednesday, 4 September 2013


So you may think it is just another boring Wednesday evening but you are so wrong! With the sole of social media the new track by one of my most favourite DJ's Toddla T and the vocals of emerging artist Roses Gabor will be unlocked and finally dropped tonight. 

The track entitled Pandora's Box is being released as part of the Bacardi Beginnings project. So tonight at 7pm only the first beat of the track will be dropped then with the use of interaction on social media sites more of the song will be released. So basically the more tweets and Facebook likes the track gets then the more track will be released. I am so obsessed with this concept it is unreal, and the fact Toddla and Bacardi are involved only makes it better! So if you think this idea is a sick as I do and you're a Toddla/ Roses fan, check it out at, and make some noise on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Once the full track is unlocked it is then your chance to remix the track at / and will then be entered into a competition where you could then win the chance to have a masterclass with the one and only Toddla T. Now if that doesn't deserve a tweet to help unlock the track, I don't know what does?! 

Check out the video about the pair meeting and chatting about the project!

This is not the first pairing in the Bacardi Beginnings collection as we have already seen Rudimental be set the challenge of creating and producing a record in 24 hours. Now it is Toddla T and Roses Gabor's turn to take on the next challenge. Another and the final pairing in this project will take place in October, so keep a lookout  So for now get yourself prepared for the drop of the first beat and you can follow my commentary tonight over on my twitter


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