Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Running Around In Jellies...

I HAVE JUJU JELLIES IN MY LYFFFFEEE! Sorry I may have got a tiny little bit over excited there, but life is so good when you can skip around in jelly shoes pretending you are four years old again!

I may have made a dent in my overdraft by purchasing some goodies from Topshop and ASOS, last week but for once I don't regret it at all! (Fan girled when ASOS replied to my tweet as well!)My brand new jellies are from ASOS and cost £20, which I think is a bargain! Especially because they are such good quality and super comfy!(see previous post!) I did really want glitter ones, but they weren't as glittery as I thought so I went with a classic black so I could wear them with pretty much everything! I even ended up wearing them out to our local club, shitquid (a.k.a Liquid). 

Waiting for my friend to get ready- so did a cringey mirror shot, sorrrryyyy!

As well as my new jellies, I got a chiffon type material top from Tophop which appears in the photo above. It's quite a plain top but with a statement necklace it can be really dressed up! I also got this bright orange dress (below) which I am in love with because it is so easy to wear and is such a good shape because it doesn't cling too much! 

Thank God for student discount that is all I can say! This week I am trying to talk myself out of purchasing another pair of Air Max's, but I really need some neon ones in my life! I think I prefer the grey/yellow ones more, what do you think?



  1. id be over the moon too if i had juju jellies! they are so cute, and as you said they do go with everything. such a great purchase, thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you for the comment!I haven't taken them off since they arrived!I love your blog <3


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