Friday, 16 August 2013


SO SO many tunes have dropped recently, especially within the world of Hip-Hop. Earl Sweatshirt's Doris finally dropped as well, so my current playlist is pretty long, so here's a peak!

#1 BIG SEAN FT KENDRICK LAMAR- CONTROL Yeah if you haven't heard of this track, you obviously haven't seen the crazy amount of Kendrick tweets this week! You NEED to give this a listen, just to hear King Kendrick go in hard! P.S. I love the collab cover by ## (HBA//Virgil)

#2 EARL SWEATSHIRT- DORIS (ALBUM) Truth be told, I haven't had much time to listen to this in full, but with tunes like Whoa and Hive, you know it is going to be good! I am partial to a bit of Frankie Ocean, especially when he is rapping on the Sunday track. The advert is LOLZ as well! (Sound Cloud link to full album).



Also check out his freestyle over Drop it Like it's hot, he's so sick! Also like the video because I can slightly see Lucas (He is my PERFECT man!


#3 MK- STORM QUEEN Been listening to a lot of house music recently, probably because I am super hyped to go to the Warehouse Project in Manchester this November! So my Soundcloud playlists have a lot of remixs and old house tracks!


#4 BAAUER & JUST BLAZE- HIGHER Since seeing Baauer at Parklife, I have been listening to a lot of his remixs! There is a Annie Mac Radio 1 mix of his, which is probably about 6 months old, but it is SO GOOD! 


#5 BONDAX- NO DIGGITY REMIX Just listen! (Yes I know it's like 2 months old but I love it).


#6 CYRIL HAHN- RAW CUT So after the success of Perfect Form this was his next release and not going to lie, I have listened to it A LOT! 


#7 TERRACE MARTIN FT KENDRICK LAMAR- TRIANGLESHIP Anything with Kendrick, I love, end of. 



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