Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hiya, thought I would do another addition to this 'In the Mix' feature. So I have obviously been listening to Hova's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. I know it has mixed reviews and a lot of people trying to compare it to Yeezus. I do like HGMC but I don't think it is one of his 'classic' albums like you say, don't get me wrong, I still really like it and admire Jigga's work ethic. However I have still been quoting it on twitter, follow me here if you don't already

BUZZING FOR HIS NEW ALBUM, DORIS, TO DROP! I have been listening to this tune on repeat the last couple of days and Vince & Casey go in hard. 

#2 JAY-Z- PICASSO BABY Fuck it I want a trillion, what more can I say? I dig Tom Ford as well, and like my boy Will Prince tweeted 'I want to be a verb like Tom Ford' 

#3 A$AP FERG FT A$AP ROCKY- SHABBA Not matter what you say this is a tune and A$AP Rocky kills his verse! I also like to think that's what I look like when I dance with my friends in the car! (Going to defo do some Tyler the Creator inspired mad car dances on Vine! Follow me @ Jade Lambourne!) 

#4 CYRIL HAHN FT SHY GIRLS- PERFECT FORM Such a good summer jam, he was soooooo good at Dollop!!

Also been listening to a lot of Joey Bada$$- a lot of Pro Era in general. Rediscovering a lot of Frank Ocean and been obsessing over some of the new material he's dropped at gigs! Oh and how can I forget the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boggie Summertime Mixtape, download it for free here.


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