Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Head to Toe

Yesterday I had a very long but brilliant day in London with fellow blogger Sabby C . Originally we planned to attend the bloggers breakfast for the Carnaby street Serge De Nimes 'Head to Toe' pop up shop. Due to it being cancelled we used the time to lust after things we couldn't afford in Urban Outfitters and have lots of cocktails! We popped into the shop anyway to find a little bit more about the concept and who couldn't resist seeing some of those Serge prints! I fell in love with the flower printed Serge t-shirts, think I need that and the Supreme tees in my life! It was good to see the Serge De Nimes shoe collaboration with Oliver Sweeny finally in the flesh too. 

I loved the 'Head to Toe' concept and the brands featured were all great quality and fitted well with each other. One of my favourite items in the shop were a pair of the Finlay & Co sunglasses, they were so beaut. Marlborough World had some great choices, with my personal favourite still being the snakeskin satchel

There is still time to go and check it out, so head down to Carnaby Street NOW!



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  2. Sorry Lucia, I accidentally deleted your comment, whoops :(. Yes it was super cool!


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