Thursday, 20 June 2013


So I said I wouldn't post anything about Yeezy Season until the album finally came out, and guess what it came out on Tuesday so I think it is definitely overdue now! Yeezus was leaked on Friday but I stayed strong, even though people were sending it to me! The thing is I love Kanye and pretty much everything he does, so I think it probably affects my judgement a bit. However I do think the album is a grower, the more I listen to it, the more brilliant lyrics I come across. My favourite album tunes are probably I'm In It, Send It Up, and I Am God (Who couldn't love a song with the lyric 'hurry up with my damn croissants!'). I am really into Bound 2 as I think it sounds quite old school Yeezy. Anyway so for anyone that hasn't listened/ bought it yet, check it out! You have to give it up to Kanye, his marketing for this album had been epic and the most forward thinking compared to other artists in some time! Oh and Mac Miller's and J.Cole's albums came out on Tuesday as well, even though I'm more about Mac than J.Cole, sozzle.

Came across this on Tumblr, it's beaut.



  1. one of the best gif's I've ever seen hahaa!

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