Friday, 21 June 2013


HIYAAAA. Righty I just wanted to share my Gola page with you, with the links of my posts! I became a student ambassador for Gola a few months back, and I have loved the experience! It is a way of sharing new talents from the worlds of fashion, music, art and film with you. I have loved getting in touch and feedback from the talents I have written about. So check the site out, its full of lots of exciting posts from all of the Gola ambassadors.

One of my favourite posts was about the ever so talented Will Prince, an urban artist. As a fan of Hip-Hop and art, his artwork really spoke to me. He has some CRAZZZYY collaborations, with most recently being Chance the Rapper. His feedback on the post was great and I think I got to excited when he followed me on twitter! So please check him out!


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