Friday, 3 May 2013


Sorry about the photo heaviness on this post but I felt like I needed to share with you some of my favourite looks but as you can see it is the majority of the collection. Anyway enough waffle, let me introduce you to Low Classic, which all started in 2009 when three Korean design students, Lee Myeong Sin, Hwang Hyun Ji   & Park Jin Sun began this artistic journey. 

These images are from the  new S/S '13 collection and I just love what they are trying to do here and this lookbook features so many of my favourite styles, cuts and garments. I have to admit I do have a bit of a love for stripes and see through-ness. My wardrobe is made up of many a sheer garment! The way the Low Classic brand features a simple style or cut but somehow makes it elegant and desirable is amazing. I have looked back at the last few collections and want no NEED it all in my life! 

With the new S/S lookbook I find the simple layering is just perfect. I feel like it's very pure and simple which makes it perfect in my eyes. It en captures lace, bold writing prints, masculine cuts and some BRILLIANT jackets! Check out the site here


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