Friday, 24 May 2013


EXAMS ARE OVER!! And I have just finished my second year of university! I am not sure how on earth that has happened, it feels like I have only just left school! It's so nice not to be in the library stressing over revision, so now it's on to sorting out work//house//interviews and summer plans! I thought I would finally do a what I'm listening to post, as I haven't done one for a few weeks! Going to be a short one this week but here it is...

#1 KANYE WEST- NEW SLAVES Okay well to be truthful with you I have listened to this new yeezy tune on repeat for the majority of the week, so that's why it is a short post! But I am sooooo hyped for this album, Yeezus!

#2 BLACK HIPPY- U.O.E.N.O How can you not like this when my personal favourites, Kendrick & Schoolboy Q and the rest of TDE create a mix like this?

#3 TRAVIS SCOTT- MEADOW CREEK (OWL PHARAOH MIXTAPE) Just this whole mix tape reallyyy!!


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