Wednesday, 15 May 2013


My love for Kanye has grown even more. Didn't think it could. But it did. 

When I first saw the pictures that he was going to appear in the Anchorman sequel I think I even let out a small 'yay' sound. Quoting Anchorman is a favourite past time of mine and now Kanye is in the second installment! In other Kanye news apparently HMV Japan has confirmed his album release date the day after that infamous June eighteen tweet! So it's all very exciting in the world of Yeezy! In my world it is all pretty mundane I’m afraid, my life is rotating around getting up going to the library- coming home and going to work- sleep and then rotating. I have exams on Thursday & Friday of this week then my last one next Friday, it all feels a lot more scary this year as it actually counts towards my final grade! I have so many applications/ work experience letters/ blog posts to write as well. So let’s hope I make it through the next two weeks! Hope exams/life is going well for you guys!


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