Saturday, 27 April 2013


I seemed to get a pretty good feedback with what I was listening to last week, so I thought I would feature some tunes that are on my playlist this week. 

#1 JOEY FATTS FT A$AP ROCKY & DANNY BROWN- CHOPPA You know I can't resist anything with A$AP featuring! 

#2 SCHOOLBOY Q- DRUGGYS WITH HOES Listening to this one on repeat quite a lot this week!

#3 IGGY AZALEA- BOUNCE This new Izzy track only dropped on Friday night, but after her 'Work' success I predict it will be big!

#4 KATE NASH- WE GET ON After seeing her at the start of the week, I started to rediscover my teenage years 

#5 TYLER THE CREATOR- ALL OF THE WOLF ALBUM Yes still pretty obsessed with this album, I just love him so much!

#6 KENDRICK LAMAR- DROP IT LIKE IT/S HOT This is a remix off his recently released mixtape and it's sick

Sorry it is a pretty short one this week! 


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