Saturday, 2 March 2013


Since seeing Frank Ocean in one of the new collections floral printed t-shirts at the Brit awards last week, I have become a little obsessed. I would love to get my hands on some of the Spring/Summer '13 goodies, but sadly don't think my wages will be able to cover that plus all the festivals I want to go too! The collection has a range of patterns including the camo print (which I predict will be ongoing until at least next Spring/Summer) and mixed influences from eighties British football casuals (fishtail coats) and old school American gangsters with pocketed jersey tops and bling styled fonts. There is a fresh collaboration with Liberty on some New Era snapbacks and the prints of artist Mark Gonzales on a coach jacket, hats and tees entitled 'Supream'. I feel like the majority of the collection is designed with Tyler the Creator in mind, but hey that's okay with me! Here are a few items making there way on my wishlist...

Love how basic these are, but would be great to wear to lectures and things!

One of the Liberty designs 

So obsessed with this print

Can't even explain how much I NEED this.


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