Saturday, 23 February 2013

Paris baby

So I had the most fabulous time in Paris and I am so glad I went. It was definitely a life experience but it was so great to explore a completely new city abroad alone. It also means I can finally tick it off my bucket list! I arrived on Wednesday night and left Saturday morning, so I wasn't there that long but I managed to squeeze a lot of sight seeing in to my busy schedule. The Premiere Vision event that I attended on the Thursday was so great as well! I was in my element with my notebook, pen and a room full of predicted fabrics and colours to touch and admire.

I felt so at home wandering around the Louvre admiring all of these famous art pieces. I got to do a lot of the things I had wanted like buy macaroons at Laudree and see what the hype is about the shop Colette (It is amazing but incredibly busy and I couldn't afford anything). One of the highlights about the trip, was on the first day when I had just got to the hotel. As I decided to go back out and explore the surrounding area, when after about 1 minute of walking the streets of Paris, I was faced with a glitzy and huge Eiffel Tower! 

I love this photo so much!

So in love with all the buildings

Had to be done, yyeeeezzzzyyy.

All my own photos.


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