Saturday, 12 January 2013


While spending some of my christmas vouchers in Topshop last week I picked up some Lip crayons and I have to say they are fab! I got two colours a dark purple which I have wanted for ages but finally plucked up the courage to wear it! And the other one is an orange/coral colour which I picked up because I have ran out of my similar colour YSL lipstick. Since getting the dark purple 'Suspect' shade, I have not stopped wearing it! I think it compliments my new darker hair colour too! I personally think it is a bit dark for a daytime shade, so I pop on some lip balm on first and then apply the crayon to make it a bit more lighter. It doesn't stay on very long i.e when your drinking or what have you. The orange coloured  'Hedonist' one is actually lip stick crayon pencil but I think it acts the same, it is just a bit smoother/ finer when applied. However overall I love the crayon, it adds a great pop of colour to your outfit and has a great £7 price tag. I definitely want some more colours! 


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