Friday, 11 January 2013

Katie Eary

Just a quick post on how much I love Katie Eary, and if you haven't heard of this designer,  I am sure you will be seeing her designs everywhere as I predict big things in store. She is a London based designer who contrasts quirky urban graphics printed on luxury materials. Apart from some of the amazing printed t-shirts and shirts that have added themselves to my wish list, what I really love is the way she has brought youth and modern day culture into her brand. By sending the catwalk models down the runway in Nike Air Jordans to the sounds of Kendrick Lamar, it just makes the brand for me, seem more appropriate and relatable. Her prints and designs just make me so excited and I cannot not wait to see more! Her collections are definitely the kind of route and look I would have wanted to do, if I had gone into design. Just makes me so inspired to do well on my course and get to finally work with creative and fun people! So anyway, KATIE EARY is the freshest and I NEED some in my wardrobe! 

SS13 Fresh new designs


Makes me want a skateboard
Catwalk Jordans

First image from, Second/Third from and the last is from Katie Eary's twitter page.


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