Tuesday, 18 December 2012

"Paris is always a good idea"

Last week I had to make a last minute decision whether to go to Paris in February or not. I know seems like an easy decision to make, right? Well the trip is part of my university's plan to visit the Premiere Vision event, which is a fashion trade show, that pretty much everyone in industry goes too. However we had to book our own travel and accommodation so basically it was up to us how long we stayed there for and what other things we did. 
Originally when we first got told about the trip before we broke up in the summer, my friends and I were eager to go! But last week when we signed up for the first 100 trade show tickets and had the weekend to book and prove our travel, the buzz was kind of lost. I still wanted to go as I had a possible interview with a fashion company in Paris and I thought the event is a great opportunity to see how the industry works and a great conversation starter when networking. So on Tuesday afternoon I made a split second decision to book my eurostar and confirm my place on the trip! As much as it's sad my course friends aren't going and it's going to be a bit lonely, I thought I should really seize this amazing opportunity and as the icon Audrey Hepburn said, "Paris is always a good idea". This way I get to visit and sketch in art museums for as long as I want, buy lots of macaroons in L'audree and even I secured myself an interview for the Friday I am there! So I am hoping I made the right decision to go, as I have never been there before but have been in love with Paris for years! So here is to an adventurous 2013! 
My desired Parisian chic interview outfit!
Has anyone been to Paris? Got any tips on where I should go/wear?


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